Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vin Disel

We don't see much of the XxX nowadays. We have not framed it yet. Must get it done asap so that it can join other celebrities on our "Wall of fame"

Tom Welling Portrait

Up and coming actor who plays Clarke Kent in 'Smallville'. He is now hanging in an teenage girl's bedroom. Hope the client liked it.

Tiger Woods Portrait

The only golf player more well known that the sport itself, captured beautifully on our canvas.

Orlando Bloom Portrait

We captured one of the sexiest man alive with our paintbrushes! Definitely praiseworthy work. Our client was so pleased!

Brad Pitt Portrait

I don't think we did him true justice in our painting. He is simply too beautiful.

Kobe Bryant Portrait

Here's a portrait one of us did for this basketball player.

Jessica Simpson

Contrary to what many expect, Jessica is actually rather tanned in her complexion.

Jude Law Portrait

This was painted for ourselves. We had a series of the world most beautiful people painted for our studio walls.

Zidane Portrait

It is quite obvious we painted him with extra care. Who can blame us? Zidane is one of the most loved players in our Studio here.

Andriy Shevchenko Portrait

Few strikers have his skill and speed. I think we made him look a little too old.

Ruud van Nistelrooy Portrait

Chiseled features on this gorgeous Dutch soccer player.

Javier Mascherano Portrait

One of the best Argentinian players in the world!

Hernan Crespo

Not a bad painting if we say so ourselves.

Ronaldinho Portrait

How is the resemblance? ^^

David Beckham Portrait

Our studio was commissioned recently to do some soccer portraits. This is the first.

Dog Portrait 2

Not really sure of the breed. Just wish that more clients would opt for a color portrait of their pets instead of b/w ones. B/W really does not bring out the best in the animals.

Greyhound Portrait

The photo given for us to draw from was not very clear. The end result was still surprisingly good.

Race Dog Portrait

This is one of our greatest masterpieces. We needed to video the dog and watch it in slow motion in order to painting this properly

Dog Portrait

The dog passed away suddenly. This was ordered by a client as a present for the owner of the dog.

Family Collage Portrait

This particular portrait was painted with many separate photos. It took us a while to decide who to place where on the paper.

Family Portrait

This is a family portrait sketched in charcoal. One of them was sketched in looking at another photo. Can you see who?

Family of 3 portrait

The client ordered 2 b/w portraits from us to be drawn from 2 different photos

Little girl portrait

If you look close enough, you can see the effort we put into painting the hair with all the lines and shades of colors.

Baby portrait

The baby looks so cute! We spend MUCH time sketching in the details. Looks almost like a photo.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Simple girl

We do not know why the client did not want us to sketch the seaside background or the tones darker but we did it for him anyway.

Cheek to cheek portrait

Here, the glass and the hair were the hardest parts to sketch for the client.

Girl Pencil Sketch

This was sketched with pencil. We like the pose very much.

Cyndi Wang Portrait

This is a color portrait required by a client from Taiwan. The girl is the painting is a famous pop singer there.

Couple Portrait

A pose for our sketching. We even sketched the exact clothes they wore.

Girl Portrait

This is a portrait we did using colored charcoals. We are most proud of the hair and cheeks.

Tom Cruise Portrait

This was done with an old photo of Tom.

Frank Lampard Portrait

This painting was requested by a client for his scrapbook.

Wayne Rooney Portrait

He looks younger in our painting than real life. We should have added more texture.

Thierry Henry Portrait

A recently order from a client who wanted a portrait of this extraordinary player.

Cristiano Ronaldo Portrait

The real artwork we painted is actually much darker.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Portrait

Can you see the cut on the lip we sketched in for extra effect?

Britney Spears Portrait

She just looks so beautiful! The hair took us the most time to do.

Oprah Winfrey Portrait

This was done with charcoal as well. Took us 4 days to complete.

Honeymoon portrait

A most romantic pose. It's a shame we can't see the faces better

Wedding portrait

This is the 1st ever wedding portrait we did some years ago. We used charcoal to shade everything.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sun bathing

The sun, the sea, the sand, a coconut and she.

Female singer

Here is one we did for a client. We were right. Serpia tones are better for this theme than b/w. Sort of gives it a nostalgic air.

Robbie Williams

We love him since Take That and we love him still. This is for a client who shares our love for his music, performance and personality.

Guitar man

Can you guess the frogs' significance in the painting?

Leading a Band

Here's a theme for those who fancy themselves gifted singers and guitarists


The lady is actually very beautiful in real life. Our painting does not do her full justice.

This is the life

Here's a young man with his food and favorite beverage

Bottoms Up

We managed to get a good facial resemblance for this painting. Kudos


This is a retirement present for a lady who is a midwife in a hospital.