Friday, January 1, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions:
1)   Can I choose my design or theme?
For theme, we are flexible. Background you can choose from our blog, or give us a photo to refer to, or you can simply describe the background with words and we will try to paint.

2)    How long does my painting need to get to me?
I need about 5 days to paint and the postman needs about 6 days to reach you (may vary by your country's location). But pls order early.

3)   When do I have to make payment?
Payment is required prior to painting. If the order exceeds USD$100, partial payment is possible.

4)   What do I need to send Portalite Studios to start the order?
Please email close-up photos of faces or high resolution photos for Portalite Studios to catch facial detail. We need to know the size of painting (A4 or A3) and the background theme you want. If photos are ok, we will reply with payment instructions

5)   Do I get a soft copy? When can I check the painting?
When we finish painting, we will email scans to you for checking. Then, we'll post the painting to you.

6)   Do I get a discount?
2nd painting onwards sent together with the first painting gets free postage. We are already about 50% cheaper than other artists and painting 1 artwork takes hours and days, so we cannot give more discount.

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