Thursday, June 28, 2007

Couple Portrait

This is a really good portrait. If you see the photos we were provided, you will be amazed at what we achieved The postal strike issue in UK is driving us nuts. Hope it is called off soon.

Out into the green

Notice his weak knees buckling and his forced smile? A little humour never hurts.


A present for a man in the field of medicine. In case you are wondering why his shadow is red, don't.

Football Coach

This is a simple color caricature done as a present to the coach. Sorry for not updating the blog this week as well as we used to. We had some problems with our picture servers.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Elven Family

We got some of this idea from Mother Goose's Old woman in a shoe. The client is bound to love this one. One of our best ideas really


We tried to make this as creepy as possible. I am not sure. Is it creepy enough?

Monday, June 25, 2007

ET Go Home

This scene should be no stranger for those who watched the movie E.T. before. There was also a similar scene in Bewitched if anyone can still remember.


We may be doing something similar next week but for F1 racing instead of soccer. Why should Schumaker always get the trophy?

Friday, June 22, 2007

Family Portrait

Here is a family portrait we did. The difficulty lies in that everyone was in separate pictures and some of the pictures were quite low in resolution and clarity. We had to spend some time to arrange everyone nicely Hope the client likes it

Family at the beach

The client gave us a lot of specifications to follow for this painting. Fortunately we could accommodate by making the subjects smaller in the picture

Soccer baby

Hand ball! We will be changing the score board to show the family's name later (and modify the score in their favour)

Just Golfing around

We always found golfing to be suitable themes for retirement and going away presents If we had painted black glasses for this man, he would really look like Colonel Sanders ^_^

Rock n Roll couple

This is a-no background caricature done for an Indian couple A photo were provided of each individual, the quality of the photos were passable but not ideal for a very detailed artwork we would have liked.

Father and kids

This was done a few weeks back for a father's day gift. Wished we could have done a colored painting instead for better effect

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Final Fantasy

This is one of our best pieces till date. We exhausted many ideas before arriving at this. The client was extremely pleased with this theme.

Girl Friends

We really need to reorganise our blog by applying proper labels to all the pictures That should be done over the weekend. Meanwhile please bear with us as we categorize everything.


These are 2 sisters whom we depicted as pixies. Hope they love it ^_^

Guitar Men

2 guitarists and their instruments. These are not electrical guitars but classical kinds

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Skydiving Family

A family doing something adventurous. Will be painting in the blue of the sky and some clouds later

Marathon Man

Faster than a speeding train. How does he do it with that chocolate bar in hand? Many days were spent to paint this. Glad it turned out so well.

B/W Wedding

Looks rather plain. Wished the client could have ordered this in color instead Nevertheless, the resemblance is quite close

Red Beret

A macho caricature for a military man. Hope he likes it. Just not sure whether it is safe to hang so many grenades around himself. ^_^

Tiger Hunting

A humorous caricature for a hunter wannabe. We actually enjoyed painting the tiger more than the man. We are painting a clay-pigeon shooting caricature now and will upload that in a few days.

Birthday Girl

This is a new birthday theme caricature design Recently we saw increase in number of requests from customers for us to design their birthday cards and invites. We are currently looking for a printer to refer such printing work.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pig Welder

A strikingly strange request came up. The client wanted a welder portrayed as a pig. (We didn't ask) So we drew a boiler room scene. A refreshing respite to painting people faces everyday.

American Football

The client wanted a theme similar to one we did a few months earlier Pity we can't allow more facial detail to show because of the helmet.


A graduation caricature. Lost track of how many we've done this month and last Hope the guy likes the present from our client ^_^

Dragon Family

The wedding couple from the previous job wanted a family caricature as well Here we choose a chinese dragon theme which should be suitable

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Chinese Wedding

The 1st traditional Chinese wedding painting we did, with lots of pink/red for auspiciousness We left a little space on the wall so the client could write some message or date for remembrance

Vicki & Dave

A typical romantic scene for a couple on the beach Their names were inscribed on the sand for more personalization Hope they like the painting

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan and the client in the Heinz Field (Pittsburg Steelers Stadium). Golf clubs seem to be a little out of place, but the clients wished it, so as always we obliged and painted If you wish to learn more about Captain Morgan, click here

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Carriage Wedding

The wedding photos provided to us for painting were one of the best we have ever seen The overall tones, and lighting were perfection Just hope our work is on par with the photographer's.

Phone Operator

The woman is a phone operator who loves cats. Clients have asked us why we usually paint in lighter colors. The reason is that as time passes, the colors are bound to slowly become more yellowish and darker (approx 6 to 8 years depending on environment) . Painting in lighter tones, the paintings can be upheld for longer

Detailed Dog

This is a detailed dog portrait done for a client. Almost like a photo, except done in charcoal and pencil and ink We love dogs!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Couple & their wheels

Seems almost like a photo, doesn't it? We have good photos from the client to thank for that. Naturally, they were quite pleased with the artwork. Cheers!

Goof up

The man painting the road drew the white divider line of the road off the cliff Hope the client has a good laugh ^_^

Set of 3 caricatures

These 3 caricatures were ordered as a set and meant for printing on cards.

Baby &Teddy

Not completely certain. But we think the client ordered this for a christening present. Somehow the scene seems more adorable with the teddy facing down.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Family in Garden

This was painted over 4 days. It shows family in a rich garden setting with their pet dog. The resemblance is so high for this caricatures, we reckon it must be at least 90% Hope the client likes it!

Country and Western

The subjects in the photos given to us had strong makeup. They had great skin and we also found ourselves hard-pressed to see the facial features well. Nevertheless, the client was satisfied with the artwork.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Family Football

A family with a passion for the rough sport. It was more difficult to have high resemblance to the actual people for this painting because the helmets covered the hairs

Boxer Baby

Here we were instructed by the client to use a boxing theme for the baby. We tried to make the punching bag less intimidating and more like a bolster.

Police & Dog

This is one of the hardest paintings we had to do. The photo was quite bad. Fortunately the client was understanding enough.

Oriental Look

We were told to leave the background. This is for printing, so the client did not even want the original painting.

Cool and hip

We were told to leave the background. This is for printing, so the client did not even want the original painting.

Greetings Earthlings

A man who needs a lot of space. Rather cool, don't you think? We had to play with the colors for the background a bit to get the effect we want.

Presents & Gifts

A birthday with a lots and lots and lots of prezzies! Happy birthday birthday boy! Hey you dropped some...

Birthday CAKE

Feeling at the top of the world (literally speaking) sitting on his birthday cake. Many happy returns ^_^