Thursday, November 29, 2007

Golf & Camera

The large painting was done to reflect their respective interests ^_^

Connoisseur Family

A family with a penchant for red wine ^_^

Paris Family

A family on Holiday in France ^_^

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Exhibitionist Angel

A baby boy trying hard to protect his modesty ^_^

Loving Couple

A loving couple 'standing' the test of time


Someone's angel ^_^

Ice Hockey Boy

A dangerous sport for someone so young?

Christening 2

Here's another painting for the same client.


A picture from August we neglected to post up ^_^

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cambodia Accountant

She has some family in Cambodia hence going over. Have a safe trip ^_^

Madrid Holiday

This was taken from one of the scenes of their holiday photos.


The photo to work from was fantastic.

60th Birthday

Happy Birthday present from our client

Monday, November 26, 2007

Galactic Angel

Took us forever for this background. Phew!


I think this is a retirement gift.

10th Hole

Apparently, the words "10th hole" have special meaning. Hope he likes it ^_^

Senior Couple

An anniversary gift perhaps ^_^

Boy Goalie

A present ordered by the client for the boy for his walls.


Women love shoes so this theme can't be wrong

Want to be Stronger!

For a boy with Alb-by aspirations ^_^

Wild Hog

Inspired by the movie ^_^

Just Married on Plane

The model of the plane was specified by the client. Took us quite a bit of time to get right.

Family & Thomas

Here's a family with good old Thomas

Another Soccer X

Lan Evett

Another Soccer VIV

Wes Hoolahan ^_^

Another Soccer VIII

Claus Jorgensen ^_^

Another Soccer VII

David Fox ^_^

Another Soccer VI

Scott Vemon ^_^

Another Soccer V

Adrian Forbes ^_^

Another Soccer IV

Robbie Williams ^_^

Another Soccer III

Keith Southam ^_^

Another Soccer Two

Simon Gillett ^_^

Another Soccer One

Another one for our old client to mass print on mugs and shirts, etc

Friday, November 23, 2007

30th Anniversary

This 30th anniversary gift should be on their wall as we post this up. Best wishes from us ^_^

Derby Boy

Next month will be December, just hope the postal system is better than the past years amid the holidays.

Bye Bye Teacher

This is a going away present for a teacher or a head-master. I can't really remember.

Lap of Luxury

A family caricature for Xmas?


Big caricature which took us much time to produce. The client was, needless to say, very happy ^_^

New Car

The young man in the artwork has really good complexion!

July Wedding

This was from July but I neglected to post this up until now.

Star Trek

The artwork was a bit dark, I lightened the tones using graphics software before uploading here. B/W artworks are easier for us to do but often prove a little too dark for our liking. Of course everyone has their preferences.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We truly believe caricatures are not only meant for fun and jokes. Sometimes a touching painting can mean so much.


This is a less serious version of a similar theme done for another client months ago. We painted them younger.


This is another order from our old client for printing onto mugs or shirts etc.

Prima Ballerina

Not really sure if this is a tutu by all definition but we followed her costume faithfully from photo.

Relaxing Read

Here we set the man up with a few man's magazines. Hope they have a good laugh from this ^_^

World Traveller

We really love coming up with this idea and realising it on our artwork! Looks great, right?

Princess Fantasy

Quite cute if we may so so ourselves ^_^

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Him & his Venus

This was conceived by us as a romantic theme for couples. We had a good laugh trying this out ^_^

07 Wind Surfing

Secret Agent 07 (not 007) windsurfing in his vest made of wood. Just hope he doesn't use it to stop bullets.